Freelance CRA

It is very important to have a well presented CV that clients can review with ease and that highlights your expertise on the first page. Each Job Description provided by the Sponsor should dictate the key points you wish the client to notice – eg if the client wants expertise in cystic fibrosis studies and experience of eCRF remote monitoring, you should highlight this in the CV to reflect this information. 

1. The first page should clearly highlight your name and contact details and be followed by key achievements in your past and current projects.

2. Make sure that your CV runs chronologically with no missing dates. Ideally each employee job in the past should have a month/year start and stop date with the name of the company.

3. Make it easy for the reviewer to clearly see when you finished as an employee and started Freelancing.

4. Each previous job whether as Freelancer or employee should highlight your role and responsibilities – not just “senior CRA for xxx” – this does not tell a prospective recruiter what you did in this position.

5. I always recommend a separate Therapy Area Experience document that shows the recruiter not just what areas you have worked in but the exact condition eg document oncology but also mentioning eg pancreatic or breast cancer as it may be that the client wants specific experience in that area.

6. Remember! – recruiters have to sift through many CVs and the ones that stand out and make it to second screening are those that closely match the criteria they are looking for. One page CVs always give the impression of inexperience or laziness whilst 10 page CVs will not be given the attention they perhaps deserve. You should be able to produce a 3 to 4 page CV that conveys your experience/successes/responsibilities in a concise manner.
7. Whilst Klinikos will help you research the Sponsor company to match up your experience to hopefully achieve an initial telephone interview, please remember that your performance here may be the only opportunity to impress the client as decisions could be based on this sole interview due to the impracticality of a further "face- to- face" meeting.
8. If successful, Klinikos will continue to communicate with you to ensure you are receiving the correct assistance. It is important to Klinikos that you are content and happy in the project and are being supported by both Klinikos and the Sponsor. Remember, Klinikos is there to help resolve any issue that might arise.

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