How it works

On request, Klinikos will provide CVs of available Freelance Clinical Research Associates for review which list therapeutic study experience and trials monitored.

If you like the CV, we can arrange for you to talk with the Clinical Research Associates directly without Klinikos being involved.

Once you have made your decision, the Clinical Research Associates can work directly under your control without any Klinikos involvement in the running of the study. Klinikos will handle the financial administration and have a direct contract with the CRA.

Klinikos would have a contract with your company for the services of the Clinical Research Associates.

CRA Travel Budget

Klinikos does more than just give you a CRA – we actively help at no further cost to determine a travel budget (if required) based on where the CRA is based relative to the sites so that you the client can determine fixed travel costs for the duration of the project.

Before the project starts, we can provide a guide to the expected travel budget based on the potential site(s) location. In this way, there should not be any surprises for either party.

Advantages for the Client

  • Klinikos can resource at short notice for short or long term contracts whether
          you need one CRA or a team of CRAs.
  • Klinikos also has one of the most competitive gross margins for Freelance CRA
          Resource: 16-18% compared to industry average 20 - 25%
  • Klinikos covers all 28 EU Countries and many non EU countries.
  • Klinikos CRAs can start on your study with minimal training.
  • Klinikos CRAs report directly to you and are not managed by us.
  • Klinikos CRAs have local Investigator knowledge and Regulatory Submission experience.

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