We are very flexible regarding your needs especially if this concept is new to your business and are always available to answer any questions you may have about Freelance CRAs or the process of utilizing them.

So – if you think a Freelance CRA or team of Freelance CRAs would assist you in managing some of your clinical trial monitoring needs, please contact Roy Fraser - see below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Q. How does the client budget for this service?
A. Klinikos can either operate on an hourly rate for the CRA or you can provide a budget based on the agreed rate that covers the activities of the CRA. Remember it is in both our interests to make the contract work and therefore Klinikos can advise accordingly.
2Q. How can we make sure we achieve our goal?
A. Before the contract starts, we are very keen to point out any pitfalls that we perceive going forward. Klinikos can advise on how we see the CRA being managed by your personnel (particularly if using a Freelancer is new to you). With our expertise, we know what has to be in place to make sure that all parties (client, CRA, Klinikos are on the same page).
3Q. What if something goes wrong or there is a dispute?
A. Klinikos can mitigate against the above as we work with the client to keep an open communication during the study to make sure that the CRA is operating to your standards and that any issues are picked up early and dealt with thus preventing problems months into the contract. Equally, we take on board what the CRA communicates to us so that we can speak to you if for example there is a personality conflict.
4Q. Can we speak to either clients or Freelance CRAs who have used Klinikos?
A. Of course, Klinikos would be very pleased to promote this facility as “word of mouth” endorsements are by far our best adverts.

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